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About me
Legal Notices

Fees, general terms and conditions
Half day tour Euro 195,-
Up to 3 hours within Vienna, up to 4 hours outside Vienna (including a maximum of 2 hours walking).

Full day tour Euro 390,-
Up to 6 hours within Vienna, up to 8 hours outside Vienna. Fee also valid if a morning tour ends after 1.30 p.m.

Overtime per hour (even if only initiated) Euro 60,-

Evening Tours (concerts, restaurants etc.) and transfers Euro 195,-
max. 3 hours

Extra Charge
Tours in two languages: Euro 60,-

All prices in Euro, incl. 20% VAT. Entrance fees, bus tickets etc. are not included.

Number of participants
The maximum group size is 30 persons.
For bus tours limitation on the respective bus size.

- until 14 days before the scheduled date free of charge
- from 14 to three days before the scheduled date 50% of the arranged per diem rate
- from three days before the scheduled date and/or in case of non-appearance 100% of the arranged per diem rate

Please note that participation in all guided tours takes place without exception at your own risk. I assume no liability for damages of any type.
This is also the reason why I can only guide children under the age of 15 accompanied by a legal guardian.
In case a guided tour has to be canceled due to force majeure (e.g. illness of the guide or other unpredictable events); no claim exists on the realization of the tour, nor claims for the reimbursement of trip costs and/or overnight stay costs. Since my guided tours are legally protected,
I cannot permit the use of recording devices.

Payment takes place directly after the tour in cash.

The General Terms and Conditions also apply if a guided tour is carried out by a colleague in exceptional cases.
Legal Notices  
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